Photo: Reuters / Joshua Roberts

This wild year polarized businesses in the retail sector

Photo: Travis Scott / YouTube

The rapper caps off a prolific year with a new product launch

Fame to fortune

Photo: Rebecca Cook / Reuters

Vaccines get added to the already-bursting fulfillment network

Shopping from home

Photo: The Verge

These products may be the perfect stocking stuffers

Photo: Bloomberg

Online sites had a record Black Friday

Our fast-changing world

Photo: CherryBerryMinis Kerry Alexander / Pinterest

Yet another tradition looks different this year

Suppliers struggle to shift

Photo: Airbnb

This week’s announcement is a good sign for other companies

The sun will rise again

Photo: Target

The retailer is bringing a big-name brand into its stores

Red hot

Photo: Courtney Cook / Unsplash

Etsy, Faire, and Amazon Handmade bring local crafts to the world

Technology and policy

Photo: Jeenah Moon / The New York Times

Retailers direct customers to e-commerce

Spreading out the deals

Best Buy

Joe Niehaus

Perspectives on the consumer & retail industries, and the brands trying to upend them

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